Fresh Trouble it that freshness is expected?

...or is the trouble that there is nothing fresh?

...does trouble guarantee freshness?

...when anything is permissible what remains troubling? do trouble and or freshness resulting from artist activities effect the cities they call home?


(foreground) Katherine Bovee & Philippe Blanc (Portland) "Rainbow" 2005, (background) Ellen George, Broadcast (Vancouver WA)


(L to R) Cao Fei (China), Jeff Jahn (Oregon), Matthew Picton (Oregon), Scott Patt (Boston)


(FG L to R) Sean Healy's "The Summer of Mr Dawson's Midlife Crisis", Ellen George's "Broadcast" (BKG L to R) Douglas Holst "Untitled", Jeff Jahn's "I am Switzerland" and Jacqueline Ehlis' "Jam"

*Upon entering the space Sean Healy's work greeted the viewers like a kind of baby boomer Cilla and Cherybdis. Also a theme of transposition of the outdoors indoors was set up with Healy's forest scenes, Jahn's sandcastle, Matthew Picton's Antarctic trench and Katherine Bovee &Phillippe Blank's Rainbow of carboard mackintosh computers. This was reinforced by the beautiful cedar ceiling and the 50 foot wide raw plywood wall where Holst and Ehlis played with the surface support context.


Left: Douglas Holst "Untitled" (Milwaukee Wi.), Right: Jacqueline Ehlis "Jam" (Portland)


Simulacra-Hermaphrodite by Patrick Rock (Portland)


Brenden Clenaghen's work on opening night


Laura Fritz Transposition [video sculpture] 2005, (Portland)


(L to R BKG) Jacqueline Ehlis "Jam" (Portland), Daniel Fagereng "Haptic Objects" (Portland), (FG) Jeff Jahn "I am Swizerland" (Portland)


Daniel Fagereng "Haptic Objects" (Portland)



Jesse Hayward "Spiders in the Trees" (Portland)

*many of the artists utilized the not so neutral walls for enhanced context


Inside Patrick Rock's Simulacra-Hermaphrodite



TJ Norris Clearcut (Portland)



Chandra Bocci, Blaze [Celelbrity Hair], Portland


Mark Smith, An Intimate Venue (Portland) courtesy Elizabeth Leach Gallery



Sean Healy , Matthew Picton and Katherine Bovee & Phillipe Blanc




(FG) Jack Daws, "Carry-Ons," Carved walnut & "Alamo Pinata," Mexican pinata filled with Chiclets and drywall screws, 2005 Courtesy Greg Kucera Gallery (Seattle)

(BKG L to R) TJ Norris, Lee Walton (Sitting Video) & Patrick Rock


Bruce Conkle, Lament for a Whale a Go Go (Portland)


Left Paige Saez's "I Miss You" and Paintings by Zach Kircher



(L to R) Cao Fei, Cosplayers (China), Matthew Picton's EXPE6ET (Ashland Oregon) and Horia Boboia's Untitled (Portland)


Matthew Picton's EXPE6ET (Ashland Oregon)



Joe Macca (Portland) "Refrigerator": contributors: Carrie Cowan, Chanterelle Lenzi, Leah Faure, Sean Sterling, Robert Atkinson, Austin Bales courtesy of PDX Contemporary Art

click to see Joey Macca and Jeff Jahn fight to the death and then some

Joe Macca Detail


Cao Fei, Cosplayers [video still] (China)


Ellen George Broadcast (2005)


Horia Boboia Untitled (Portland)



Matt McCormick, It Was a Crushing Defeat (Portland)

Marne Lucas, East Coast, West Coast (Portland)


(L to R) Horia Boboia, Joe Thurston, Chandra Bocci (Portland)


Jeff Jahn, I am Switzerland (Portland)



Joe Thurston (Portland)

She Limits Her Interest In People To People That Are Interested In Her, (2005)



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